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Me and My Qualms With Poetry

poetry qualmsThis post comes about from me writing a mini haiku because I wanted to edit the picture of the pocket watch (the title picture!) with some words but I couldn’t think of what to write in it.

When I go to university, I’m looking to study English and Creative Writing. Except, I’m super nervous, because a lot of universities do poetry in their course. And, well, I don’t write poetry. I mean, I do, but most of it is not very good (in my mind, at least, although I’m meant to be being a positive person nowadays!).

I’ve always been a prose girl. I do enjoy writing poetry, but I’d never show it to anyone around me. The only thing I have shown is a few haikus (one of which is the clock picture which I’m going to post at the end of this post because I did turn it into a picture of poetry) and that’s because you can’t really mess up with a haiku (well, I mean you can obviously, but for me they’re quite good. I’ve always been fairly ok with rhythm and syllables, I think, so they come quite naturally. The one below might be awful (I don’t really know what makes a poem “good”…) but if you like it, it took me a whopping… two minutes? The words just came, if that isn’t too cliché!).

I’ve written some poems in my time, but they all tend to be extended metaphors (wait, have I just described the whole world of poetry?!) and not actually about, well, anything. They’re about emotions and feelings. My teenage angst-y emotions and feelings.

Are you seeing why I don’t like any of my past poetry now?

I do love reading poetry. I might not always understand it, but with some poets you don’t understand it, you feel it. That’s probably also so cliché it hurts your eyes to read, but isn’t it true? I mean, it wouldn’t be cliché if it weren’t true I guess! I have a few books of poetry at home, and I like to read them sometimes.

Nowadays I’ve strayed away from poetry, but who knows, I might go back to it, and I’ll have to when I go to uni so, well, I might as well get some practice in, eh? What do you guys think about poetry? Do you write it and do you enjoy it? Or do you read it? Poetry or prose is the big question, but I think I’ll have to answer that another time…

time haiku
Yay for poetry!

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