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#IWSG: Insecurities

#iwsg insecuritiesInsecure Writer’s Support Group is a blog for, well, insecure writers I presume, to share tips, insecurities and to just discuss writing in general. I’ve only just discovered the blog today after seeing it on Damyanti’s blog daily (w)rite, but I really wanted to try it, so, uh, here I am. Writing a blog about it…

For the first post, I picked obviously the easiest… insecurities. (Haha, I’m laughing because it’s not the easiest argh writing.)

Despite having a writing blog and having posted some of my writing online, I am actually rather insecure about it. The prospect of other people reading my writing does scare me a little, especially when they say they like it.

That might seem a little odd. Surely, if someone says they like something, then they actually like it? Uh yeah, probably. But that stupid little annoying voice at the back of my head tells me that they’re just saying it to be nice.

For some reason, I compare myself to others in my writing… but that tends to consist of reading someone’s published novel, or winning short story, and thinking, “I could never write that.” It’s difficult to turn off, I have to admit, and as of yet I can only manage it on occasion.

I feel insecure in the quality of my writing, the realism of my characters, the skill of my editing and I worry about if my writing, story, and basically everything I put on paper is simply “good” enough. This may also seem odd, as “good” is subjective, and shouldn’t you write for yourself? Well, yes, obviously. But that might also be holding me back from writing anyway. I want to be enthusiastic about my writing, to tell people about it and show them my latest manuscript. Maybe that’s why I am rather overenthusiastic and encouraging about other people’s writings. Celebrate your writing, guys! It’s yours and it’s unique.

Perhaps I should start practicing what I preach.


16 thoughts on “#IWSG: Insecurities

  1. Yes, start practicing your enthusiasm on your own writing. I know I get scared when someone reads my writing, too, but with a lot of practice, it gets easier. It is also scary when someone “likes” my writing, but again, it gets easier with practice. So, go practice. 🙂 Happy writing and happy IWSG!


  2. Welcome to the IWSG, Hannah!
    Your insecurities are perfectly normal.
    Lots of writers go through the phase of comparing themselves to other writers. Just write the stories that are in your heart… remember you are unique, therefore your stories will be unique.

    Just to let you know that the IWSG has a Facebook page.
    Every first Wednesday of the month, the IWSG members who are also Facebook members, post a link to their IWSG blog posts, in the comment section of the pinned post on the Facebook page.
    Members then visit each other via the blog post links.
    You are invited to join our Insecure Writer’s Support Group Facebook page at
    Look forward to seeing you there! 🙂
    Happy IWSG Day!


  3. Welcome to the IWSG! I think we all struggle from time to time with the idea of our writing not being “enough” – creative enough, smart enough, entertaining enough, exciting enough, etc. We have to push through and keep going, keep writing!


  4. 99% of writers are insecure. That’s why IWSG exists. The fact that you’re putting your blog and stories out there shows that you’re already ahead of many aspiring writers who can’t even get that far. That is a success. Enjoy those successes, however small, and keep making baby steps in the direction you want to go.

    IWSG November Post


  5. I don’t think there are many writers who would find your thoughts odd! That whole “people just being nice” thing, I think can only partially be got over, maybe because we like to think that people are polite. There’s no shortage of evidence of people saying when they don’t like something, though, so I would say take a compliment for what it is. I’ve no idea if anything is “good” unless I get some form of feedback on it! Welcome to the IWSG – you’ll find it really is a great group. BTW, your URL made me smile because my stepdaughter’s nickname is also Hannah Banana, and she’s just a year older. I wish I could have brought myself to show some of my writing to someone at your age. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Nick. I have to say, IWSG makes me feel better in realising I’m not completely alone!
      My mum always used to call me Hannah Spanner, or Hannah Banana, but I opted for the latter! Thanks, good luck to you too!


  6. Ohhh I totally relate to this. I’ve been writing really seriously for, oh, maybe 6 years now? And it’s taken me that long to be comfortable with sharing my writing online. I mean I HAVE been sharing it and getting feedback but I nearly die of nerves every time I know someone is reading it. XD I think it’s important to share it though, because how else can we improve without feedback?! BUT SO HARD, OMG. *collapses with hardness* I don’t think my nerves on the topic will ever fully disappear.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    1. I agree with your comment so much, about the having to share to get feedback bit! I don’t think I’d ever share something that I wasn’t ready to be torn apart by angry critics, though. I am so not willing to take the risk!


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