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NaNoWriMo 2015 Thus Far: In Pictures


NaNoWriMo is coming, next week in fact. (Actually, that’s rather a scary thought.) However, rather than actually doing what I should be doing (planning!) I have been procrastinating. So, here is my procrastination. In PICTURES.

So, obviously with my notebook, I am planning NaNoWriMo 2015. I really like this notebook, it’s floppy and ringed, and it’s PURPLE, which is the colour of royalty, and is pretty good because I’m writing about a future Scottish king. Also, that is a fountain pen in the first photo. I love my fountain pen, but I’m always so scared of writing with it!!

And writing “NaNoWriMo 2015” in big letters was about the furthest I got, except for writing down my WIP title at the back. ‘Cause that’s just how I roll…

nanowrimo2015 50000The second way I’ve been procrastinating is by making calenders for my NaNoWriMo 2015 month. I used a pretty picture of Kenneth Branagh in his adaptation and made both a 50,000 words and 30,000 word calender. Just because. You can see it here: nanowrimo 2015 50000. Or, take a look at picture 2 which is a bit of a blurry version tbh.

Then, I’ve been taking selfies. One can NEVER have too many selfies!

IMG_1426 IMG_1424

IMG_1427I’ve been reading through my large stack of TBR, and also Writing Magazine…

…and finally, I’ve been making book covers for my NaNo novel! Apparently it makes you 60% more likely to win, so I just had to try it (’cause, y’know, I’ll do anything to help me win NaNoWriMo except for actually planning and/or writing the dang novel. Don’t question the writer’s logic, people, it’ll get you nowhere. Believe me, my how I’ve tried…!).

But guys. I made a cover I am SO HAPPY with, I’m not going to post the failure beforehand. My last year’s cover for Vindicta looked mildly childish, but I am actually super happy with this. If you want sources for the picture/it’s your picture and you want credit, please just ask and I’ll give you a shout out! (I won’t be using it for anything commercial without permission, don’t worry guys.)




OK, so the armour isn’t particularly accurate and it’s not the best cover that has ever been made, but I am so proud of it (I might have to get the boyfriend to make me a good one, though…)! I don’t take art, I dropped it 4 years ago in fact, and I’ve mostly been awful at graphic design and editing, but I am actually super proud of this. Sorry if you’re scoffing, but don’t steal my thunder today, else I’ll set the witches on you. Mwhahaha.

So yes, that is how I have been procrastinating my NaNoWriMo planning today. I will get around to doing some of it tomorrow, as I have a lot to both research and plan before November 1st and not that many days to do it in. Wish me, luck, folks, and of course, good luck to all of you!

Stay in touch, guys!

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(PS – join my NaNoWriMo victims’ group if you want!)


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