My Blog Has A New Look!

It finally happened. I finally found a design for my blog that I liked. So, I changed it, added a new banner and pages, swapped around the layout and VOILÀ! A new-looker is here!

I am very proud of my banner.

I’m looking forward to wanting to blog more, mainly because I love the aesthetics of this, and, if I’m allowed to say it, I’m proud of my blog! It’s no longer something I published because “it looked ok” – I even gave up reading time to make this thing look good!

I’ve added in new pages about my writing, some about individual projects, and there’s probably at least 2000 words of new content if you want to have a poke around. I’ve updated my 2015 challenges to more realistic ones, and my “contact” page, although it doesn’t have a form (still figuring that bit out so if you know how to add one, please tell me!), now has new hyperlinks and an email address if you want to get in touch!

Loving the font.

So, there you have it. What do you think of my new baby? I’m hopefully going to be posting more often and I’m looking forward to it, too! I might clean up my categories along the line, and add in more widgets along the side bar, but other than that I’m pretty happy! Yay!


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