Previously In My Life...

Before, Now, Next #1

before now nextSo, this a new “thing” I’m starting is where I’m going to talk about my last projects, current projects, and next projects. And not just projects, either: this’ll probably contain the books I’m reading and maybe my assignments because y’know I find that fascinating. Strangely. So… on with the show!


BEFORE: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This is a really short, sweet read.

NOW: Shadows: A Dark Touch Novel by Amy Meredith. Not so great so far, but it’s a nice, easy, and still spooky read.

NEXT: If I Stay by Gayle Foreman. I borrowed this from the library and it’s due back at the start of October so I kinda have to take it back!


BEFORE: Uh… An article, probably?

NOW: I’m currently in the middle of a short story about a journalist who leaves a trap for someone to get a decent story because he gets bored! I might put it on my blog someday, but I’m not sure.

NEXT: I’m going to start planning another novel I want to write! Hopefully, anyway. And I hope it’ll get done!

College work

BEFORE: I’ve just finished a load of classics homework, which I really enjoy so it doesn’t feel like “homework” really, although I do disagree with some professors out there…

NOW: I’m still working on my extended project and wanting to wring Jason’s neck, and my English homework is still chugging along.

NEXT: Argh, I got set a psychology essay today for next week, to learn! Whyyy….

SO, what are you up to this week? Anything exciting? This is a new Thursday thing for me (Thursday seems nice and in the middle of the week) so feel free to take this idea if you want it!


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