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I’m Sorry (Uh, Again): An Update On This Blog

Hi everyone!

Okay so, once again, it appears I have to apologise for being a terrible blogger, and basically not, uh, blogging.

Since the last time I’ve blogged, I haven’t had such a great time. I’m hesitant to write it here, because this is meant to be about my writing, but I guess it’s also about me and my life so I might as well: basically, I haven’t been the happiest bunny in the world. In fact, I’ve been mostly quite the opposite. SO! I am planning to change that, and perhaps blogging will help me, perhaps it won’t, but I appreciate you all sticking around.

Also, I have been writing again, so I am almost deliriously happy! (Not so delirious I can’t write.) I am planning on entering Writing Magazine’s subscriber-only competition for this month (a story about a reporter) and I’ve written around 1400 and have yet to finish (target wc is 1500-1700 words so I’m all right) and my target word count goal so far for this month (for fictional & recreational writing) is 6000 words. Thus far I’ve also written two and a half scripts for my English coursework (I wrote one, my teacher didn’t like it, so I started writing a second and then abandoned it in favour for writing a third, which I’ve just finished and printed off (on a side note, I adore the layout of scripts although it means you use about 10x as much paper)) as well as another speech. Which didn’t go too well, as I’m not very good at writing speeches, so I might do it again. The “style model” was of a TED talk if you were curious.

So yes, I’ve had both good and bad times thus far, but I’m trying to work on it so I’d basically just appreciate you all helping me out by sticking around and being the awesome people you are.

If you want to see where I’ve been active, you can follow one Instagram here and the other here. Other than that, I haven’t been active really anywhere else but I’ll obviously try and post on this blog more and keep up to date with my other one. I think two posts a week is a good aim for this one.

Stay cool, folks!


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