Previously In My Life...

Previously In My Life… #2

 So, hello everyone! I am currently writing this from Boston, MA where we arrived a few hours ago from the UK! It’s all very exciting, really.

Sorry that the picture is blurry, by the way – I had to screenshot the last post because I forgot to save the image on my dad’s iPad, which is what I’m writing this on. 

Books I’ve Read

  • Soulmates by Nicole Dykes which was an ARC… And I didn’t like much. 
  • Started Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell
  • Started The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Photos I’ve Taken


view from hotel window over Boston!


just because?
 Uh, those pictures might be quite big. I don’t know how to edit it on the iPad… So expect big pictures for the next 3 weeks!

Adventures I’ve Been On

  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard! (I can’t link to a post but scroll back to see my full post on it)
  • Winchester! Literally just there and back, but I think it still counts. 
  • Ireland! Just a stop for about an hour or so but there we go. 
  • Boston! Yay! 

And I didn’t even break anything. My foot seized up and I couldn’t walk properly in Ireland, but that’s my joints for you. 

Looking Ahead

On the 17th next week, we’re going to New York, and obviously there’s loads to do in Boston! I’ve also got loads to read, and I actually have a new novella idea, AND a notebook to write it in! – so that’s my 3 week project. I’ll try to blog about it. 

Stay cool, folks. 


2 thoughts on “Previously In My Life… #2

  1. I wish I had the time to read. I’m currently busy with the Percy Jackson series but it’s going slowly because of the pile of work I have to do. I just can’t seem to find time. I guess it’s time for me to START procrastinating and finish Percy Jackson 🙂


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