Historic Dockyard, Anniversaries and Xbox

I know I haven’t written for a couple of days and that’s because yesterday was my parents’ wedding anniversary – 20 years! That’s 5th August 1995 – 5th August 2015, so far! Mum tends to read these posts, so here’s to 20 years more! (Seriously, mum: next time actually check your tea.)

Anyway, for their anniversary, my boyfriend Jake came down and we all went to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards for the day, which has things like the Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior as well as a variety of museums and other ship-y things. It was really awesome, especially as I haven’t been for a few years (and, yes, of course I got a story idea. When would I never?!).

That night we had dinner at an American restaurant (ironic, as we’re going to America this weekend) and then when we got home, Jake and I were very adult and mature and responsible people in a relationship who obviously did not have a full-scale Nerf gun war (okay, but I totally won). And then, admittedly, I did get completely thrashed at Xbox, but, to be fair, it was my first time playing Black Ops and Jake’s, probably, 123rd.

Aaaand today I was actually up early and on time and Jake went home early and since then I’ve just been reading and thinking about writing but being super about procrastinating. I wanted to write about dragons but I couldn’t think of a good plot line.

So… a perfect couple of days, really!

And unfortunately I don’t have any photos of those two days, neither Jake nor I took any. *sad face*


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