Previously In My Life...

Previously In My Life #1

Previously in my life
LOOK, I have a pretty new picture and EVERYTHING!

HOWDY! I said in my last post which was published about a minute ago (in my time anyway, by the time you read this I don’t know how long will have gone past) that I’ve been in a blogging slump, SO, I am planning on changing that RIGHT NOW… with a new thingy mablobbie to put on my blog! (I think they’re called memes but w/e.)

This is called “Previously In My Life” and it’s going to take place every week (ie: Sunday evening) and details highlights of the week before, including books I’ve read, writings I’ve done and adventures I haven’t (hopefully) broken anything on. So. Week one it is!


  1. The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John
  2. Race the Wind by Lauren St John
  3. Room by Emma Donoghue (which I finished very, very early on August 1st, actually…)

PHOTOS I’VE TAKEN (well, some, anyway)


Ahahah. Aha. Ha. Um. Well. Ah, how do I tell you this… I haven’t? Much? I wrote a mini fanfiction this morning? Um? Yeah? I’ll do more next week promise. Hopefully


This week, I have been to…

  • The dentist! (got a new sealent, yay…)
  • The cinema! (actual non-sarcastic yay. Went to see Ant-Man (which was pretty good!) with the awesomesauce boyfriend who analogised himself as an annoying weed *shrugs*)
  • The vets! (I seem to have a thing for medical places this week)
  • The road! (as in, driving. On the actual road. AND I DIDN’T HIT ANYONE/THING)
  • Museums! (this is basically just all-round awesome 24/7)
  • The beach! (and got covered in salt and very, very windswept)

And I didn’t break anything. #soproud

PLANNING FOR NEXT WEEK… (because it’s always nice to look ahead)

  • READING. I’m planning on reading lots of physical books (already on Shooting an Elephant by Orwell) because…
  • GOING ON HOLIDAY. Yes, that’s right, I AM GOING AWAY (but I’ll do another post nearer the time (but I’ll tell you it’s to AMERICA (and it’s gonna be AWESOME)))
  • PARENTS’ ANNIVERSARY. My OTP are celebrating 20 years of marriage. Aw.
  • Oh, and, uh, writing, as I said earlier….

Anyway that’s probably where I should end it for today. I was going to do a July wrap-up post but I think I’ll actually do some WRITING instead (mwhahaha). (Well. More like research.)

So everyone, how have you been this week? Done anything exciting? Going to do anything exciting? What’ve you read, written, spoken, seen, taken photographs of? 

And also apologies for the sheer amount of capitals, exclamation points, bolds and italics in this post. I’m suddenly awfully excited. (Yay!)


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