Blogging Slump *sad face*

Hello all!

As you can probably tell from the title, I have recently been in a blogging slump. You may also be able to tell that from the sheer lack of posts.

I asked my mum earlier, and she said it was because I didn’t have a “direction” for my posts. I also think I’ve had the summer blues (like the winter blues, but they happen in summer, mainly due to heat and boredom) so that hasn’t helped.

This summer was gonna be awesome for me, and I think that’s why I haven’t blogged that much, because it’s under parr of what I thought was going to happen (which sucks balls) so I’m either not in the mood for blogging or don’t have much to blog about. Or, when I’ve been out, and therefore have something to blog about, I’m way too tired to do it! I didn’t do Top Ten Tuesday this week because I didn’t like it, which is also something that’s happened: I’m not liking what I’m doing, so I’m not doing it. Which also sucks balls.

I’ll try and pick up a bit and get myself doing stuff. I’ve recently joined Instagram with a bookish account, so I’m over there a lot now but I want to blog because it feels good when I blog (if you could see me now, I’m smiling like an idiot at the computer screen).

Just… *screams*


Okay. Back.

So guys I am trying and I might figure out a direction for this blog but then again I might not and I might just blog about my writing and my life because, I guess, that was the original direction. Maybe I’ll try a few blogging memes? Who knows.

Thanks for reading, all.

EDIT: Y’know what? I’m gonna start a new blogging meme right now. We-hey!


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