Why I Love Being Able to Touch-Type

touch typing

I never took a touch-typing class. Before I wrote this article, I tried to take an online one…and failed. Miserably. Because I can’t type when people say, “JK [space] FD [space]” and so on. I can do words and lots of them and very quickly.

I guess you could say I “taught” myself to touch-type. I did and do a lot of writing, and I just picked up the skills as I went along. There was nothing really technical to it. Just lots and lots of practice.

But why do I love being able to touch-type? There are 3 [main] reasons.

  1. I can type fast. Sure, this might seem obvious. But when I have an essay due in in an hour it’s really damn useful. And it’s great for writing stories. According to one of my writing apps, last NaNoWriMo in November 2014, my fastest speed was 4698 words per hour (average was 2985 though). That’s pretty damn fast, I think. So. Useful. 
  2. I can freak people out. Because touch-typing means that you don’t look at the keyboard to see, you can turn away from it… but continue typing what you’re meant to be and typing it correctly. I’ve freaked out teachers, fellow students and even my friends by looking at them and typing at the same time. Gosh, it’s fun.
  3. When my cat walks up and down in front of my laptop whilst I’m trying to type, I can continue typing. Her doing that actually inspired me to write this, so yay go cat. But seriously, it’s quite useful. I feel really bad about kicking her off, sometimes.

Sooo, can you guys touch-type? Do you love it as much as I do?!

PS enjoy some pictures of me and my cat.


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