Why Libraries are AWESOME

why libraries are AWESOME

I’m a member of Hants Library which is the county library of where I live in England, UK. They have a website where you can renew and reserve books, check your account, search the library catalogue, etc. And they also have a feature where you can request a book to be bought for the library so you can borrow it. A couple of weeks ago, I requested that they buy Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews (from the picture and that sentence, you can probably tell where this blog post going).

Now, the library doesn’t tell you if/when they buy the book. So on Thursday, I was at the library with my mates and boyfriend and whilst we were walking to the entrance, what do my eyes spot on the bookshelf? (Honestly, it’s as if they were dragged there. Must have been meant to be.) Why, Me and Earl the Dying Girl, of course!

So, obviously, I had to borrow it. I started reading it at around 6pm on Thursday night… and finished it at around 7pm tonight (Friday). I kinda loved it.

Basically what the point of this post was: libraries are awesome and, I mean I’m guessing you’re reading this because you like books and/or writing and/or me or whatever, but you should totally utilise them and love them and cherish them. Libraries are GREAT.

And now I’m in a book slump after Me and Earl so tomorrow I’m going to move onto The DUFF. I’m loving all of these YA comedy books right now. Loving.


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