New Image.jpgdriving!

So, I am into the driver’s seat and have yet to crash (amazingly)! Over the past two days I’ve been out for a collective hour or so and so far have: steered, stalled once, gotten into 2nd gear, driving on a kind-of-main road and part of a way around a roundabout. Kinda proud I haven’t died although I think I nearly gave my granddad a heart attack.

first driving lesson!
Me in the driver’s seat! 😀

I’m looking forward to passing and being able to go and see my boyfriend at the weekends and evenings (he lives 45 minutes away by car… or 3 hours by bus). And passing and being able to go places and do stuff other than go to the one city and one town I can get to via bus. Should be good!

And driving, I think, is kind of like a rite of passage, so it’ll be just plain cool to pass.

To some people who are older than me reading this, you probably think I’m pretty juvenile. And to that I say, yes, because, well, I am. You only live once, though, so I’m gonna do what I can whilst I can.

(And I’ll try not to crash.)


2 thoughts on “Driving!

  1. I’m about the same place as you in my driving right now, and I can’t wait to pass! Between my twin bro and I, we have only half destroyed the gearbox, and had no major accidents 😀.


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