fiverrA few weeks ago, I discovered a website called Fiverr. On it, you post “gigs” and people pay $5 upwards for you to do whatever it is you do. I originally put a gig on but no one even looked at it – so it was taken off.

Then, a few days ago, I put on two more. And on Thursday, I “sold” my first gig!

All right, so it was something totally different to what I had up there (it was writing reviews of animals on a pet site). But I got paid for my writing, and I think that is something that has meant a lot to me! It shows me that I can get paid for doing what I love! And that, to me, is just brilliant. Even if it did only result in me getting $5 – not exactly enough to live on, but, hey, it’s a start!

If you’re a writer, or have another talent or something to offer, why don’t you check out Fiverr? It can give you some great extra income if you get noticed!

Speaking of getting noticed, I hope you guys don’t mind shamelessly self promote my gigs below. If you want to support me (and get a story in return, as per my gigs currently are) then please feel free to order! 😉

(It’d mean a lot if you support me, but if you don’t have the means or simply don’t want to, thanks for reading this article and I hope I’ve given you ideas for what to do with your talent – whatever that may be!)


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