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Why The World Should Hand-Write Letters More Often

hand writing letters

Earlier this evening, I wrote a thank you note to my aunt for a beautiful necklace (I love it) which she sent me for my birthday. My mum said, “I’ll message her on Facebook!” (and proceeded to do so… because I forgot. In fairness, I have then written the note, but hey-ho).

As you may – or, indeed, may not – know, I have signed up to PostCrossing, where you send postcards to people around the world. I really enjoy it, and I’ve received 4 so far – all beautiful, and all with messages enabling me to connect across the globe! Awesome, right?! My parents have repeatedly asked what it is, don’t seem to get the concept of strangers sending snail mail to each other, and think it’s downright weird (although they did, kindly, send some postcards for me – airmail! Though this may have been to keep me smiling. Hey-ho (again)).

Are you seeing a pattern here? I am. Snail-mailing seems to have fallen out of fashion, even with the generations of people, including my mother, who wrote tonnes of letters whilst she was at Uni and went away for months to stay in Kenya! What is that all about?!

Sure, sure, emails and e-cards are so much quicker and yadda yadda, but I think there’s nothing quite like the personal touch of a hand-written letter. I get incredibly excited when I see a letter for me in the post that isn’t something to do with money, but those instances are falling by the way-side (especially as my penpals in Scotland have stopped writing in recent months… *sad face*).

Some people are put off by the prospect of handwriting the stuff – perhaps your handwriting looks like a tap-dancing spider’s footsteps, or you have an injury/continuing problem which makes it difficult to write. No matter! Type it up! As long as you print it, put it in an envelope, and sign it at the bottom if you can, I think it counts. What people like is the fact you put personalised time and effort into them. Human beings are undeniably selfish, but this selfishness doesn’t have to be asking for much.

So, I think that we should hand-write letters more often. In my resolutions this year, #6 was ‘Write one handwritten letter/card to someone each month.’ Although I probably couldn’t tell you who I’ve written them to, I know it has been done (even if they aren’t always replied to…). Perhaps you could make this a goal for yourself, too, if you don’t often write things? Just a card to say hi to an aunt you haven’t heard from in a while, or even a good-luck letter to someone about to take their exams count!

What do you think about handwriting letters/cards/notes? Do you do it often? Tell me, I’d love to know! 

(PS – if it’s money you’re worried about, try this. Basically, write a letter on one piece of paper then fold it into an envelope – then you only have to pay for a stamp (in the UK, a first class stamp costs £0.63 and a second class £0.54 – so a stamp is actually cheaper than a cup of tea (everything is measured by how much a cup of tea costs in Britain)!). Also, I think this is really cool!)

(PPS – if you need any more persuasion, think about all the awesome stationary and really cool mail stuff out there that you could be using! Doesn’t it make your heart skip a beat?)

(And yes, there was some shameless self-promo’ing to my Pinterest right there.)


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