Top 5 Things I Want To Learn To Use In My Writing

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I saw a post and it got me thinking about things I want to learn (cool, action-y things, not, like, how to do lacy knitting) which I can have fun doing, use them in my life and then use them in my writing too. The original post lists archery as one thing they would like to learn. I’ve done some archery in the past, and would add it on here, but I feel I know it quite well anyway. Why am I mentioning it, then? Well, can’t hurt to have another shot (hehe, pun totally intended!).

So, here’s my top 5 list of things I want to learn to use in my writing.

  1. Self-defence. This was also mentioned in the original post, but I really really want to learn some self-defence. I just need to find a class… (Perhaps this is one to consider when I’ve flown the nest. Or over the summer…)
  2. How to shoot a gun. I can do air rifle and air pistol, but what about an actual gun? Will I ever get a chance to learn this one? Who knows. (“Next time, on What Hannah wants to do today…“)
  3. Learn to drive a car. Whilst I have my licence and I am of legal age to begin driving, I’m not yet insured, so I can’t. Admittedly, I do write a lot about teens who also can’t drive, but if I’m basing a story in America, Australia, Nordic countries etc. (and a lot of my characters are adults, too) then they’ll be able to drive… but I won’t know how, so I feel like I owe it to them to learn so I actually get it right. I’ve been in a car and know, vaguely, how the whole driving-thing works, but it’s not really the same until you do it for yourself.
  4. Learn how to sword fight. Besides this being just plain cool, it’ll probably be useful as I love writing historical fiction!
  5. Go to a court hearing, talk to police, lawyers (my next door neighbour will be great when I finally getting around to asking her stuff (even though, I think, she’s a solicitor)) and basically learn how the justice system works and how it feels to be there. I want to get into crime, because I enjoy reading it. But I have such little knowledge of it, and I have to make up what it’s like through media (especially TV, which, obviously, exaggerates a lot of it), so it’s not really real. Well, I mean, it’s fiction but… oh, you know what I mean.

So there’s my top (admittedly a little flakey) 5 things I want to “learn” to improve my writing. I also appear to cover a variety of genres but the fact 3 of the 5 are aspects of fighting and/or violence probably says something about me…

What’re yours?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Want To Learn To Use In My Writing

  1. This is a really cool list. I’m not too sure what I would put on my own list but learning about the justice system is definitely on it.
    I’ll have to think on it a bit more but this is really interesting and I’ll have to try it.


    1. Yes, I think the media really exaggerate the justice system, even in novels when it’s supposed to be “real”. But some research is really hard to do, I guess, without being in the situation yourself! I’m lucky I live 20 minutes from a city with Crown Courts (I live in the UK) so it’s just finding a court case I can listen to, I guess!
      I hope you try it, and then manage to tick off your list, too. 🙂

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