6 Down, 1 To Go…

6 down 1 to go

It’s exam season. Fun. (Not always.)

I’ll admit this here and now where my boyfriend and other English friend can’t go, “Whaaaaat, are you crazy?!” Because yes, I probably am.

I like some exams. I enjoyed my English exam, which was basically writing (albeit not creatively) for two hours (leaving half an hour to plan each of the two essays). My history exams were the same thing (although I did like one far more than the other). I liked my psychology exams, because they weren’t as tricky as I thought and all of the ‘nice’ stuff came up. I haven’t had my second classics exam yet (which I am not looking forward to because ugh Juvenal you whiner) but the first one was all right because I love the Odyssey and the essays are basically speculating on stuff!

Maybe it’s my love of writing which makes these exams (theoretically) enjoyable, or maybe it’s because on the rest of the day of them I can hang out with my friends. Perhaps it’s because in some of them I liked the subject (like American Civil Rights, or abnormalities in humans (actual topic in psychology)). Or maybe I’m just weird.

What’s your opinion of exams?

(NB: just because I may enjoy the actual exam, doesn’t mean I agree with them. Testing how good you are by your memory? Naa mate, that’s dumb. But for right now, we’ve got to stick at it, and if you’re doing a coursework subject, try and ace that as best as possible!)


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