Chick-Lit Novels and Why I Like Them

Chick Lit Novels & Why I like Them

It’s guilty secret day (joke) so my guilty secret is that I love chick-lit novels. The most recent one I’ve read was Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski, which I finished earlier.

Chick-lit novels are defined as “addressing issues of modern womanhood, often humourously and lightheartedly” (according to Wikipedia), but basically they tend to have a female protagonist, tend to be contemporary (although not always) and tend to include romance – but, again, not always.

I like them, mainly, for the romance. I’m a big old romantic at heart – if my boyfriend came up to me with a rose, I would probably melt at his feet. Slow dances are in my dreams. I’ve never really had a backlog of romance (aside from now *hint hint*), so I’ve lived it through novels. Even romance which is doomed to fail. Or sudden romance. Basically, romance. (I mean, I tend to write about death and destruction, so I’ve gotta have a break sometime!)

But I also like them because they don’t tend to require the reader to think much, and that means I can zip through them pretty damn fast. Take my latest read – I read it in three days, at about a page a minute, sometimes less. The one before that, which was an autobiography, I read in 12. I read these books like how I eat raspberries (I love raspberries). And the whole not thinking thing? That’s great when you already have a lot of stress on in your life.

Of course there are negatives to chick-lit novels: for example, whilst the plot on the surface seems to differ, there tends to be a stereotypical FMC and MMC*, the stereotypical romance, and the stereotypical everything else. Just check out the #VeryRealisticYA tag. But for a tired teenager, they’re the perfect thing.

Do you like chick-lit? Why, why not? If you’re a guy, do you think there should be more guy-orientated books like these? Guy-lit? (Idk, man. I’m pretty shattered right now…)

*Female main character, male main character


2 thoughts on “Chick-Lit Novels and Why I Like Them

    1. Yeah, that’d be great! ‘Chick-lit’ makes it sound so fluffy, when sometimes some of the themes explored in these novels are not, like, at all. Even novels that have death or war as a main theme are sometimes classed as chick-lit, and people then won’t pick them up because of its genre! So yeah, in this really long comment, I’m basically saying I agree with you. ;P


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