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Next Two Forthcoming NaNos And Some Goals

This is a postcard which I use all the time, as you'll probably come to know, because it's basically really, really true.
This is a postcard which I use all the time, as you’ll probably come to know, because it’s basically really, really true.

NaNoWriMo doesn’t start up again until July – well, that’s the next Camp anyway – so perhaps you’re wondering why I’m writing this now. Well, to be honest: I’m hoping that planning this and reading fluffy novels is going to get me through my next few of weeks of exams and stress and then keep me entertained afterwards.

Aside from that though, I have a new story idea for November which I’m super excited about! The centenary for the 1917 Russian Revolution is coming in October 2017, and I want to write a novel based around that with the achievable goal of having it published! That’s also why I’m waiting until November to write this, despite the fact I’m going to have lots of work for college around then: I know I can do it, as I’ve done it before (if I don’t, no biggie anyway) and it gives me sufficient time to plan and research more than I learnt for my exam (I studied Stalin’s Russia 1924-1953, but we had to do a bit of background knowledge), plus hopefully around a year after that to edit to perfection (or near enough) in 2016 and then a few months to submit for publishing! Well, I think it’s achievable, anyway. And so does my friend, which is good enough for me.

Camp NaNoWriMo: your next big fun time thing. [img. (c) NaNoWriMo]
Camp NaNoWriMo: your next big fun time thing. [img. (c) NaNoWriMo]
July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is also achievable for around 50,000 words, because by then I’ll have finished my exams and I will also finish college for the summer on July 15th anyway, and even if I spend days with friends and my boyfriend, I’ll still have lots of time to write. But July is going to be a bit different. It’s a ‘rebel’ month, where you can write basically whatever you want (last July, I wrote a 20,000 words script which I am awesomely proud of). So this year, I’m planning on 31 short stories, all around 2000 words in length (I’m also super excited about this project too).

This is also an achievable goal, I think, as I can write that much in around an hour (I once wrote that much on the notes on my phone on the way back from France in a couple of hours last year). But I’m excited about July for two reasons: one, I plan to do a murder mystery story in 10 short stories which ~interrelate~ and thereby it’ll hopefully be really cool; two, I plan to use my remaining 21 stories to experiment with different genres I haven’t tried before (aside from mystery which will be a new one), such as ghost, supernatural (eg vampire) and even erotica (according to ads I see in Writing Magazine, ‘sex sells!’ so it might be one to try from a purely, “I need money but can’t be bothered to get a job which means I have to leave the house on weekends,” perspective). Asides from that, I’ll have 2000+ words to visit old favourites, like romance, historical fiction and action. And then I get stories at the end of month that I can do with whatever I want (like enter in competitions, sell, anthologise, edit, entertain my family and friends with). Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of that?!

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Crikey, I’d like a crack at that but I can’t for x reasons,” then reconsider July at least, because you can set your own goal! What’s not to love? The lowest you can set it is 10,000 words – that’s 323 words a day, which you could do in your lunch break or in half an hour before bedtime. Even if you sacrifice your favourite TV show for a month, isn’t it worth it to say you’ve written something incredible at the end of it?

[img. (c) NaNoWriMo]
[img. (c) NaNoWriMo]
I have two main goals for July and November, specific to the month. July is to experiment with writing genres (and literary fiction) to try and find the ones I love and can write well and the ones I should either stay away from or practice a lot more before I try a big project in it (hence, my murder mystery is only a small amount of words if it goes horribly wrong (ie I’m blatantly obvious with who the killer is)). November’s goal is to get the first draft – or at least most of a first draft – of a book with the aim to publish to mark the centenary of an event which I have an interest in. So, both goals are of personal interest, and both goals definitely have a degree of fun!

If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, or Camp NaNoWriMo, or the YWP if you’re 17 and younger, why not check it out and see if it’s for you? Try something new this year and make it awesome!

And feel free to, y’know, subscribe and/or follow me on Twitter to keep updated with my literary antics! I’ll have a lot more when my exams are over (it’s going to be great).


3 thoughts on “Next Two Forthcoming NaNos And Some Goals

  1. I didn’t know that there was NaNoWriMo-esque event that happens during the summer. That seems like it’s probably way more convenient for people like myself who find that they have more free time during the summers, especially since (as the beginning of the holiday season) November can be pretty hectic. Thanks for the hat-tip.


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