This time next week I will (hopefully) be getting into bed so I am very much awake for my third exam of my AS Levels: English. But before then, I’ll have two exams. And then after that, I’ll have another four before they’ve all finished.

And after that… I’ll be straight into my A Levels.

See, on paper it doesn’t sound too hard. It’s a bit harder when you add tonnes of personal stress, a lack of revision and a bucket of tiredness. What I’m talking about is the title. Stress.

A little bit of stress is, surprisingly you may think, good for you. But obscene amounts? Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

I’m not great with coping, but I know a few good methods for coping with it:

  1. Talking! Talk to people. I’m lucky to have a great boyfriend who doesn’t mind me mindlessly babbling, and friends who are just as fab.
  2. Doing something you enjoy. Like, writing. Or walking, swimming, cooking, reading, knitting (I’ve recently taken this up and my favourite project so far is mini hats. About the size of hats for hard-boiled eggs… what’re they called? Egg cosies?).
  3. Watching a TV show you enjoy! I’m currently addicted to Once Upon A Time and I also like VGHS which aforementioned great boyfriend introduced me to.

Just find something that relaxes you, something that makes you smile at the end of a long day, and do whatever it takes to make that thing your #1 priority at least once during the day: even if it’s simply looking at a photograph of your beloved or reading a short story you like.


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