First Postcrossing Postcard!


Postcrossing is a website in which you sign up, with your name and address, and send postcards to other people around the globe. Once you’ve sent your first postcard, and it’s been received (with a special ID number you write on the postcard, which the other person records on the website), you can receive postcards, too!

A while back, I sent 3 postcards: one to the USA, one to Russia and one to Germany. Although the Russian and German ones haven’t arrived yet (I really, really hope they haven’t got lost in the post…) the American one did and today I received my own postcard: from Düsseldorf, Germany!

There’s not really much to say about it, except that it’s fun and exciting for someone like me who loves to receive letters and handwritten things. The message on the back is simple, but it’s incredible to think that this postcard has travelled 355 miles! How cool is that!

So if this sounds like your type of thing – overall, the stamps (if I’d bought them and hadn’t used my mum’s, but there we go) and the postcards cost £1.89 + £0.87 = £2.76, so not that expensive – then why not sign up? It’s rather exciting! AND you get to hear from amazingly cool new people!

Also this was meant to post on Thursday but I had to leave and yeah so it’s posting now… 


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