Once Upon A Time

So for a while now I’ve been watching ABC’s Once Upon A Time as it’s made an appearance on Netflix.

And basically I was hooked after the first episode. When it was first on TV, I thought it was horror so I didn’t want to watch that. Then one day I was torn between starting The Vampire Diaries and this. (Obviously I went for the latter.)

I finished season 1 last night after watching about 5 episodes back to back and can I just say I love Once Upon A Time.

Okay, so it’s really predictable and I have some qualms with the main character and the fact some other characters miss the blatantly obvious, but it’s good for entertainment. I mean, why else would I watch it?!

Oh yeah, that’s right. The romance. Not to give any spoilers but ahfakjsiuhgsdikjluafhvjkiaihfudjkdlasfohudjd. And that’s for anger and happiness, can I just say. [RUMBELLE = OTP]

And for the pathos, man! (ey look at me using big fancy Greek words)

Wanna rip a character to shreds? Simply Once Upon A Time them and voilà! You’ve got it!

(On a side note I’ve never noticed Hermione’s completely dramatic eye roll before now)

So basically…. go and watch it.

(PS No spoilers please! 🙂 )


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