Milestones: The Living Museum


Milestones in Basingstoke, England, is called “the living museum.” Inside the enormous warehouse are houses and shops made from brick, some functioning, like the sweet shop, and some which have impressive displays and multitudes of information. And, right now, there’s a LEGO exhibition of transport which is basically just great (I mean, come on: they have the Orient Express made out of LEGO!).

So today my mum, dad, brother and I headed up to Basingstoke (about a 40 minute drive from our house) to go to Milestones – oh and we picked up my boyfriend, Jake, on the way!

I’ve been wanting to go to Milestones for agesss so I was really excited (and, obviously, to spend the day with Jake but there we go). It’s really cool. As you go in, you can pay 70p for a penny farthing to go to the sweet shop, and then there’s a saddlery, a working pub, an arcade (Jake and I had a go on the fortune teller, which was… interesting! He also beat me in the horse races. I would have won if I’d known what I was doing…), and even a fire station! Basically, it’s  very cool.

As was the rest of the day: basically window shopping in Festival Place. Who doesn’t like window shopping: all the ‘joys’ (huh) of shopping, and you don’t have to spend a penny.


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