Reading Online

One of the biggest “Tips For Writers” is read. Read everything: newspaper articles, books, signs, poems.

I read a lot. Right now, on my desk, which is about as big as 3 A3 sheets, I have exactly 4 novels, one non-fiction book, a book of poems and my Kindle. Underneath my desk, I have 6 World Book Day Books, 3 non-fiction books, about 20 Agatha Christie books and a whole host of magazines. That’s just my desk. So yeah, I read a lot.

Posting your work online for others to read and hopefully, if they’re very kind, leave a review is getting very popular nowadays. I do – or used to, at least, thanks writers block! – post a lot of my work on the interweb too and I got a host of very nice comments.

But I hate to read work people post online. I follow a couple of WordPress blogs who just post their own work…and yet I seldom read it.

Do I feel bad about it? Yes, of course I do: people take the time to read my work and yet I hardly ever return the favour. But I struggle to concentrate to read fiction on my laptop.

I think if I read more fiction online, I would be more likely to go on sites like Wattpad and follow more blogs which post their own writing. And I would probably feel a lot less guilty about asking people to read mine, too.


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