Happy Easter Everyone!


I’m not a particularly religious person (although going to Church is on my list this year), but I find it curious how customs change. For example, did you know that bunnies were first mentioned in relation to Easter in the 17th century, and chocolate eggs introduced in the early 19th? Interesting.

Anyway, I hope that, if you celebrated it, you’ve all had a nice Easter. It marks the turn of Spring, for me, and when April showers should’ve finally given up and made way for more pleasant weather. I’ve also had much of my family over, so that’s been fun. And I had a lapse on my chocolate ban because, well, I’ve been craving it. I’ve had most of the Easter weekend off from a ban, actually, because I’ve had a tough weekend. So that hasn’t been fun.

What else have I done today? Read an entire 123 page book, talked to friends, messaged my boyfriend a picture of a whale and started a new blog. Such fun!

Have a great Easter holiday all!


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