5 Things I Have Done So Far This Holiday

5 Things I have DOne so far this holiday

Okay so I wanted to blog because…well, I haven’t in a while and I feel like I should. Originally, I was intending this blog to be about my writing life but that’s been slow lately, so I probably should be blogging about other stuff if I want to keep this thing active.

So…. Easter break started on Thursday. It’s now 9:30 on Saturday evening. And what have I been doing in those two days and a bit? Not much, to be honest. Let’s find out.

  1. Finished Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett, which was fun. 

  2. Went to a book club with my friends and Skyped my boyfriend to “join” us whilst we were there. Which was rather entertaining, loud and not much bookish stuff happened to be honest. 

  3. Watched some episodes of Once Upon a Time – I’m currently on Episode 12. Apparently it’s the best one .

  4. Cried a bit. Quite a lot, actually. I’m ok now, but I feel like that has to be included. Nobody is strong all of the time, but this seems to get missed out of life a lot.

  5. I actually revised! Yay! – English AND history, it’s a miracle! (Except, I then didn’t want to stop revising English, but Rise of the Guardians called and, well, you can’t resist Hugh Jackman as a rabbit right?)

So that’s been my two days so far. How about all of you?


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