Happy St Patrick’s Day!

top-st-patricks-day-quotes-for-non-irish-people-3So it’s St Patrick’s Day and all things Irish and green are hovering around.

According to legend, Patrick lived in the 4th Century and converted the pagan Irish to Christianity. He used the shamrock – the three leafed clover – to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish, which is why it’s often depicted in Irish folklore.

(If you’re curious about why the four-leafed clover is lucky, the Druids believed it warded off evil, and it’s said that Eve carried one when leaving the Garden of Eden – so everyone who has one can be said to carrying a piece of Paradise. Additionally, the four leaves can also stand for: Love, Luck, Faith and Hope. Interesting, huh?)

Another fun fact: DYK that according to legend, St Patrick is said to be the one to drove the snakes out of Ireland? It’s a great place for an ophidiophobic!

So wherever you are in the world, have a great St Patrick’s Day!




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