2015 · Challenges


Soooo in my week of learning (so far I know: my library card number, the cup song, the 50 states of the USA in rhyme and alphabetical order, ‘Spellbound’ by Emily Bronte and a card trick – kind of, it sort of works) Saturday had been listed as learning the ukulele and a song.

Let’s just say I’ve had mixed results.

I know 3 chords: C, G and F. I know how to strum and a basic strumming pattern or two. Aaaand…. that’s it.


Still, I’ve only been doing it for about two hours, so I don’t think that’s too bad. I also know the chorus to You Are My Sunshine which is a very nice song, but annoyingly catchy.

And a last note of thanks to my friend Sophie for letting me kidnap/adopt/steal/borrow her ukulele. 🙂

Anyone here play an instrument?


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