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Things To Do This Weekend

For me, I think to-do lists tell you a lot about a person, which is why I’ve decided to share mine for this weekend with you all. Stuff will probably get added and who knows if any of this will get done, but here’s hoping!

  1. Do my Psychology and History homework. Unfortunately, this has to come first (but probably won’t be done first…).
  2. Revise Attlee for History.
  3. Do the first section of my scrapbook: me in 2014! The biggest struggle…can I remember that far back?!
  4. Wrap my brother’s birthday present and write his card.
  5. Go to my brother’s birthday lunch.
  6. Write a short story for a competition due on the 1st (oops).
  7. Go out cycling with my friend on Sunday.
  8. Read a graphic novel due back at the library.
  9. Edit more of AIC.
  10. Plan AIC#2.

Well that’s finishing on a nice, round number. I also have stuff like ‘read’ etc. on my list in my mind too but that’s kind of extra stuff. This is the main stuff I think!

What’s your to-do list for the weekend? Feel free to share it below!


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