I was told to start revising for my AS levels over the half-term but of course I didn’t. However, I DID start today!

I’ve managed to create revision lists – that was my ‘revision’ over half term – for all subjects bar one because I need to speak to my teacher tomorrow. I revise the subject I have a double lesson of that day (Monday – history, Tuesday – Classical Civilisations, Wednesday – psychology, Thursday – English) and then at the weekends do revision for all of them.

So yeah, I’m sorted. Whoo. Cheer for me.

Only thing is, I’m terrible at revising.

After doing my GCSEs, I still don’t know what works for me, so I tend to wing it and hope. I know teaching it does, but I think I sound a bit mad, rabbiting on about Stalin’s Russia or horrific murders (for English) for half an hour. And also, I am really really bad at actually starting revision. And then once I start, I can’t stop, so I just kind of go on and on and then don’t want to start the next day and… ugh. 

Why can’t college just be about learning? Lectures? I’d rather write a 5000 word dissertation on each subject instead of having to take an exam, honestly (and anyway, isn’t that kind of what I do but they’re called ‘essays’ and are timed?). What is school but memorising pieces of information?

If I don’t get 4 As, I am going to be very annoyed.

(PS – Sorry for the rant!)


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