Winchester Tour – With Jake


So, yesterday [19/02/15] I took my friend Jake for a tour around the city of Winchester in Hampshire, UK. I live about 30 minutes by car from the city, and know it pretty well, whereas he lives in Andover. So I got to drag him around for the HISTORY.

Winchester was the original capital of the UK (I don’t know if anyone here cares about history but I’m rolling with it) so there’s loads of artefacts. I was actually late to meet him from the train station because I was distracted by an art exhibition in the Winchester Discovery Centre…

Anyway, we sloped around the Hampshire Hog, King Arthur’s Round Table (below), the dungeons, an old bookshop (it’s so amazing), St Giles Hill (below), Subway (we had to eat, okay?!), the Mayor’s house and the Winchester Museum.

So I love Winchester because of all the history but if I lived there I think I’d have to sleep in the Great Hall or something because history.


Jake and I on St Giles Hill
Jake and I on St Giles Hill

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