So yesterday [Saturday 14th – Valentine’s Day!] I ticked number 42 off from my bucket list! Yes, I went ice-skating with a bunch of buddies.

When we went there were 7 of us including me, although one of us wasn’t skating, so basically there were 6 of us in the end. And it turns out that, out of all of us, the only two who couldn’t skate were, yes, me and another one of my friends. And even she was better than me (well, she picked it up again faster).

However, the only one of us who fell over was a guy who had once played ice hockey. Yes, really.

I had great fun, even made it around without my guide (a friend called Anya) and without holding onto the side rails, which was quite exceptional if I do say so myself! I have also discovered that the longer I leave between each ice-skating session, the worse I become at it… I mean, that’s kind of obvious, but very obvious when you go back after a, ooh, two year break and discover just how bad you are.

Still, I’m hoping to go back in future weeks, which should be fun!

I am thinking about doing ice-skating as my physical for Duke of Edinburgh. Or, I guess I could do cycling, which, whilst perhaps not as much fun, is free. What do you guys think I should do?

ice skating 1


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