Doctor Who Fanfiction Time!

Dooo weeee doooooo!

Yes, I have, finally, after two weeks of saying I would, gotten around to publishing my Doctor Who fanfiction online! Whoop whoop!

Publishing something online can be daunting, but also well worth it. You get your voice out there, and there are so many fanfiction readers that there’s almost always an audience for your work, even if it’s for a very under-known fandom.

This is only the second Doctor Who fanfiction I have ever published, and let’s just say the last one didn’t go well at all (it’s still actually a WIP, and the last chapter was published over two years ago… oops? Maybe I’ll go back to it at some point, who knows). So I’m hoping that this one lasts slightly longer!

Has anyone here ever published any fanfiction online? What site? What were your thoughts, reactions?

It’s been published here on AO3 and here on if you’re curious.


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