GoodReads Read-A-Thon

So today I did something I have never done before: a read-a-thon. Organised by GoodReads, it took place from 12 – 4 in the afternoon, although I kinda read until 5 so I could finish my book.

Reading for so long, whilst it might ache your butt and/or your back, means that you can just completely, absolutely immerse yourself in the life and soul of the novel.

I felt this profoundly due to the book I was reading: Bear Grylls’ Facing Up. I could feel the biting wind of the mountain and the sweat in the long johns, the desperation those men felt. I was lost to the world for those few, precious hours.

So, even if you only have an hour, lock yourself away and just read, no distractions, not even a packet of Polos or pear drops if you can help it (speaking of which, I am really missing mine… where are they?). You’ll find it so rewarding!

My odd smile with Bear Grylls' great book(s).
My odd smile with Bear Grylls’ great book(s).

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