Teeth and Who

If you have ever seen a picture of me you will probably know I have terrible teeth. It’s not my fault, can I just point out: it’s a condition which I can’t help which means that they have no enamel and therefore just kind of…break apart.

So on Saturday, my top left canine broke off. I went to the dentist today [Monday] to get it sorted.

It was a bit sensitive but that’s about it. And it meant that I got to miss half a day of college which was pretty good because I am so tired and don’t think I could have managed it. I just feel so fragile all the time…

Anyway that’s enough rambling about my teeth, despite that being the topic of today’s post. I have also finished my first ever six-chapter Doctor Who fanfiction!

It’s going to be posted on Saturday and I’ll write more about it then in a proper post, but I just thought that it’d be something nice to add onto the end of this one so it isn’t too weird.

Also: I have put up a new vlog, which you can see below! I’ll do proper, shorter ones in the future, but today I just thought I’d do one because we managed to charge up the camcorder.



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