Lord of the [New Zealand] Ring

Last year, I went to New Zealand, partly on holiday and partly to go to my cousin’s wedding. Whilst there, we visited both North and South Island, did some pretty awesome things like bungee jumping, and, of course, celebrated the marriage.

Me bungee jumping


Also whilst there, I bought a ring made from the pounamu stone (pronounced paw-pa), which can only be found on New Zealand. Not only was it therefore special, but it held many memories of me from that holiday, in which the close entirety of the Brown family (it was on my dad’s side) attended and was therefore precious to me.

However, later in 2014 around the spring/summer time, I lost it.

I thought it had fallen off my finger when I was walking my dog down the railway track near our house and eventually gave up all hope, although I was pretty dang upset.

But I found it once again today!

Whilst procrastinating on the internet, I flicked around on a craft blog and found a library tote bag tutorial and decided that this would be pretty useful. There are many bags in my room, but the one I thought of contained my devil onesie (I know, I know). I emptied it out and was just flattening the bag and wondering where I could sew when I noticed something round and shiny on the floor.

It was my ring.

I can’t describe the emotion, because there wasn’t really one. It was kind of relief mixed with the despair that here I was thinking it was lost forever but it was actually in my wardrobe. As I’m wearing it now, it’s as if it had never been forgotten.

And that, folks, is why when things happen in the places and at the times you least expect, they’re not always bad but can be, in fact, rather pleasant surprises.

IMG_3616[1] IMG_3618[1]


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