Chocolate Free!

Om nom nom…

So, from today I have given up chocolate. For five months, until my birthday on May 3rd. Gosh, that’s an awfully long time… Eh, I’m sure I’ll manage! (Oh, and hot chocolate doesn’t count but I don’t tend to drink that anyway… although I might watch Merlin in a moment and drink it then!)

I was interested in why people enjoy chocolate so much, and therefore Googled it. It turns out that it’s something to do with the aroma and texture of the treat which makes it so enjoyable, and it was especially enjoyed by nuns in the 18th century (fun fact of the day!) who didn’t have any monetary restrictions and therefore could afford it.

Furthermore, although there is no scientific link between chocolate and acne, some people believe that it can clear up the skin. Well, folks, I’ll see what happens to my skin and shall report back!

Finally, did you know that Aztecs used chocolate drinks with flavourings and used these to treat a number of common ailments in the 14th C.? Cool, right?!

Anyway, I’m onto a chocolate-free few months, and I don’t know if I should be freaking out yet… ;D


Giving up chocolate is #3 on my list of resolutions and will help with #1. 🙂

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-23449795


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